Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In order to provide answers to some of the common queries, here are list of the FAQs that will save you time and the need to contact our customer service team.

What is Motortrader.Ng

Motortrader.Ng is a website that act as a platform where private sellers, motor dealers advertise their cars, buses, trucks etc to potential buyers. Motortrader.Ng also serve as a point of reference for general public that want information about cars ranging from prices, to visual images of car models. Users use it as a price checker for different vehicles. Motortrader.Ng also power MT Car forum, an online motor forum where car drivers, users and general public comes together to discuss car reviews, maintenance tips and general car related issues. Motortrader.Ng is trademarked and run by a fully registered company.

How Do l Place My Advert

Placing your car ad is very simple, easy and fast. Take the picture, describe the vehicle in a simple but defining words, upload and the ad goes live within hours. Private sellers might describe ad like: "Quality used car, tyres been changed recently, alloy rims wheel, recently serviced, electronic climate control, very clean condition. Good bargain". Remember different sales come with different description. Dealers and traders can simply describe ad as "2006 Toyota Camry, leather seat interior, A/C with climate control, colour bumper, 5 CD changer. Drives smooth" You can also upload ad via our mobile app or mobile web from your Smartphone or tablet. Take pictures, describe and upload. Ad goes live. Simple as A,B,C…or if you prefer, simple as 1, 2, 3 Please note that one time registration is required.

Why The Side Banners/Ads

We understand how intruding pop ups and online ads can be some times, which is the reason we made sure our website is not choked up with unrelated pop ups, ads and banners. We aim to keep this as low as possible, so that users can enjoy the full value while navigating around the website easily. Only car or driving related products and services are advertised or displayed which might be of interest to car drivers and users. The revenue also helps in offsetting the cost of running a professional website and delivering a valuable service to its users. If you are interested in placing an ad on our website, please email us via